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“Break In” Thieves break into Office only to discover Sh.625

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Break In gone sour as the gang discovers, only Sh625 after disconnecting cameras.

Thieves broke into an office and obtained a cashbox  only to find Sh.625 in the city Centre.

The thieves, went to the office along Nyuki Lane and disconnected security cameras as they accessed the office.

After entering the office, they broke into a cashbox only to find Sh.625, which they picked.

Police say the gang was captured on cameras on neighboring structures leaving in disappointment.


‘The owner of the premises locked it on February 10and left but when he came back on Monday , he found it broken into and the cashbox empty.” he said.

Meanwhile, police are investigating the discovery of a rotting body at the Railways quarters, Ngara, Nairobi.

The body was discovered when a foul smell filled the air , and the body was of a tenant hanging on the rooftop on a rope tied on his neck.

The deceased was identified as Moses Ikirima,43.It is suspected he died days earlier as he had not been seen for days.

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