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Boost for Health as Equity Afia opens six new branches

Post by : Ann Njambuya

the new equity afia clinic that was just openend in turkana.

It is rare for one to mention a hospital,bank,education without The name Equity Group coming up. This has been true as the whole Equity group seeks to become a household name in the region. under the banner of the Equity Group Foundation. they have launched the Equity Afia medical unit.

The establishment was launched in 2015. it’s main mandate was to provide health care to most of their customers. Also help the group expand into the medical and health business. this venture has turned fruitful for the group as they just launched six new branches across the country. this brings their total branches around the country to over 50.

The venture has a presence in over 19 counties in the country. according to reports from patients who have visited the Medical unit. the services provide there are first class and the charges are friendly.

The Equity Afia has been on a vigorous expansion mode. this reflects on the entire groups mantra which has been to expand and increase their foot hold in the region. the new branches  are based in Nairobi,Kirinyaga and Laikipia.

the new equity afia clinic that was just openend in turkana.

Nairobi has been the biggest beneficiary of the expansion with four branches being located in the area. Most of this branches are run and operated by Students who have studied medicine and health course under the Equity Leaders forum.


The equity Group Foundation has been very instrumental in providing Corporate Social Responsibility.They have offered scholarships under the wings to fly program. sponsored a trade mission to the DRC in a aim to enhance regional growth.

As the medical franchise grows into the region, Kenyans can smile as this expansion comes with a raft of opportunities for them.

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