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Bitter Relationship Officer Stabbed By Ex- Lover

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

In Kasarani, officers at the police post are trailing after a woman who stabbed her ex- lover , a police officer based at Zimmerman police post before fleeing.

The incident occurred on November 20, the ex -girlfriend, Pamela Njambi attacked the officer as he left her house after a failed reconciliation attempt that lasted for around 30 minutes.

According to the officer, his former girlfriend had invited him to her house in hope for reconciliation of the said relationship.

However the victim turned down meeting her and informed the 30-year old that their relationship was over and he had moved on with his life.

Photo//  Police Officers. Photo Courtesy.

The officer’s response seemed to have fallen on deaf ears since the ex- girlfriend followed the officer secretively as he left her residence.

Upon reaching the gate to the apartment, the woman stabbed him with a sharp object before fleeing into the darkness.

Loud screams by the police officer of ‘Uuuuui!, Uuuuui! Nisadieni!’ rented the air as the officer sought assistance from well-wishers who responded immediately.

They rescued him, and rushed him to St. John’s Hospital where he received first aid before been transferred to a specialized facility.

He suffered a stab wound into the abdomen and is currently in stable condition. As the search for the lady is still ongoing.

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