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Birds of the Same Feather flock together as Karungo joins Waititu

Post by : Ann Njambuya

Aspiring senator for Kiambu in the 2022 general election Karungo wa thang'wa. he once served as a CECM for sports and youth affairs in Kiambu County.

The saying that birds of the same feather flock, clearly defines the expected alliance between Karungo Thang’wa and his former boss Ferdinand Waititu. The two politicians have once again joined in an effort to lead Kiambu county as a duo. While Waititu is going for the governor’s position the youthful politician is going for the senator’s Seat.

Both Waititu and Karungo were impeached by the county assembly barely months from each other. Karungo who was impeached first was accused of Embezzlement of funds and abuse of office. Waititu was also impeached over similar allegations.

After his impeachment unlike Waititu Karungo went underground to try and formulate new business ideas. his time alone was however disrupted after he joined Kiunjuri’s led party The Service Party (TSP). the youthful leader was the secretary general of this party and even vowing to be a life long member of the party.

It seems that his political statements means very little after he decamped to UDA. during his speech while accompanying the deputy president Thang’wa indicated that he will be seeking the UDA’s party ticket to the senate.


In his part Waititu¬† echoed Karungo’s comments and sentiments indicating that he is assembling a team that shall lead kiambu into the future. Karungo was a senatorial aspirant in the 2017 general election where he emerged seconder after incumbent Kimani Wamatangi beat him pants down.

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Karungo and Waititu during a past interaction. Karungo is expected to vie for the senators seat under UDA.
Photo// From Left impeached CECM and Kiambu senatorial aspirant Karungo Thang’wa and Impeached governor and aspiring kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu during a past meeting. The two have promised to work together as they have in the past.

Karungo is expected to battle it out with John Mugwe head of service delivery for Governor Nyoro. Political Adviser to the president Michael Wakienda. Former Kiambu County assembly speaker and a former MCA from sigona. among the contedors only Thang’wa has tried his luck in the senatorial seat.

According to Waititu, Karungo is the best bet for Kiambu as their senator.


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