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‘ Biodegradable Energy’ Man builds toilet Generating electricity

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

The pricing of fuel has been on the rise globally, affecting the economy, people are finding new ways to be able to save on their expenses.

Biodegradable energy, is the use of organic waste matter which can be broken down  into simple organic molecules by micro-organisms  and living things.

A Nigerian man , built a toilet that generates cooking gas and electricity for consumption.

According to a Facebook post, by Rant HQ Extension, the innovation is very cheap and lasts longer.

The man shared photos of the innovation showing the connection from the toilet to his house and how it works.

Photo// Man Builds toilet that Generates Electricity

Okwdor, hails from Njaba in Imo state, cemented the floor of the toilet and made the connections using gas pipes.

So if no poop from the man then no cooking for him.

Meanwhile, a 67-year old man build a water-cooking stove. The stove does not require the use of gas or kerosene to generate fire.

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