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Benefits of using baking soda

Post by : Sue Njihia

There are many cosmetic treatments for different problems on your skin and how expensive they can be. One common compound idea to improve your health and environment is baking soda.Lets sample its benefits some of its benefit

Bad odour remover

The powerful white powder neutralises those undesirable odours on your feet ,just use it directly on your shoes and voila.

White teeth

For that beautiful and perfect smile , mix baking soda , water add salt , brush your teeth with it in a few days you will the results.

Bleaching agent 

A bleaching and softens that will make your clothes look new

softening clothes 

Make a vinegar mixture with water and gradually add baking soda so that the foam does not come out expanded . it will leave your clothes looking white and feeling so soft.

Skin relief

Give yourself a relaxing and motivating water bath with bicarbonate , when you done try to dry naturally because when using a towel you would eliminate the compound that remains on your skin which is in charge of providing you with the sensation of life

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