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“Bear Meat” Japan’s Vending Machine Sell Meat From Bears

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

A country in Japanese town is now selling bear meat from Vending machines, sourcing its supply from Asian Black bears, listed as vulnerable creatures , caught in traps or in mountains by hunters.

Bear attacks have caused a huge problem in parts of remote Japanese towns due to lack of enough food i the forest that brings the animals to attack them.”The bears can be dangerous when they come into town, so hunters will set up traps or shoot them,” said the vending machine owner. He placed it outside his “soba” noodle house, near the rail station of Semboku.

Asian black bears have been termed as vulnerable, but not critically so, it is legal to eat bear meat in japan. the vending machine owner said the meat is more testier since the blood is drained away.

Japan is filled with vending machines which offer everything from food and drinks to offer surgical masks, edible insects and different sought of meat.

In 2022, 75 people were injured in Japan for encountering the bears and two were killed , according to the government’s data.

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