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Battle for Uhuru Park as NMS seeks to quash stop order

Post by : Ann Njambuya

In the mid-year the (NMS) Nairobi metropolitan service initiated the renovation of Uhuru park and central park. this move however sparked outrage from Kenyans as some of them indicated that the park was being grabbed and sold to an Arab tycoon who would turn it into a mall and private park.


The NMS came out openly and indicated that it was instead renovating the park in a bid to change the image of Nairobi city a job the were given by the president a few years ago. This explanation didn’t answer some of the questions that were posed by Kenyans and the communist party of Kenya decided that they are going to stop the renovations through a court order.

The communist party filed a motion in the high court seeking to stop the NMS from conducting additional Renovations on the iconic park due to the lack of a public participation and an environmental impact assessment report.

Court Orders

The High court agreed with the communist party of Kenya in the matter and issued orders to stop the ongoing works immediately. However the Nairobi Metropolitan service has filed a motion in court seeking orders to continue with the renovations indicating that the previous motion was filed without their knowledge and they were not given adequate time to respondent in the case.

Uhuru Park which has been closed for renovations by the NMS. a court order was issued to stop ongoing works that the NMS seeks to have quashed.
Uhuru Park before renovations were started by the NMS

Through their Lawyer,the NMS has gone on to indicate their motion that  a public participation forum was conducted in 2018 when the project was hatched and an environment impact assessment was done and a report prepared.

New Face for Nairobi as recreation Parks emerge: NMS

However the project wasn’t actualised until earlier this year due to lack of funds. As the NMS term is coming to an end it is highly important that the case be thrown out and the necessary works continue.

Since their take over in the city the NMS has helped remodel the city into a status of a world class city and a well constructed and modernised Park would give the city the much needed appeal.

The case will be heard on the 30th of December by Justice Edward Wabwoto.

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