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Battle for Kandara Parliamentary seat gains momentum

Post by : Ann Njambuya

Kandara Constituency is one of the most renowned constituencies in the country mainly due to its member of parliament Alice Wahome. Alice Wahome is a vocal and popular leader among the people and in the UDA party. She has also been a a major league player and a founder of the tanga tanga movement a move that has made Kandara famous.

However there is a political battle that is gaining momentum in Wahome’s home as former MP and current deputy Governor for Murang’a Maina Kamau has declared his interest in the seat. Maina Kamau was the Member of parliament for Kandara during the grand coalition government and he was a one time MP.

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While declaring his interest to vie for the seat, the deputy governor indicated that he is willing and ready to complete the work he started before he was voted out of office. Alice has been very vocal and is keen on seeking reelection on a UDA ticket with Maina declaring that his preferred party of Choice is the Usawa kwa Wote party which is headed by his boss Mwangi wa Iria.

Alice Wahome the Member of Parliament for Kandara.
Alice Wahome Member of Parliament for Kandara constituency

The Usawa kwa Wote party will be fielding candidates in different political positions across the county and the region at large. Most of the political hopefuls who have so far declared interest to vie for political seats on the party’s ticket include known confidants and followers of the governor.


So far the party has not yet received defectors from other parties neither has it fielded any candidate in the past by elections that have been done. Most new political parties have been weighing their popularity by fielding candidates in by election across the country.

It is a wait and see game for the people of Murang’a in general.

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