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Post by : Ann Njambuya

image of babu owino who has been isssing threats to muraya kariuki a journalist. the member of parialment for emabaksi east has been charged in court for abusing the president and his mother as well as the shooting of a dj in a nairobi club

Babu Owino ( Paul Ongili) the member of parliament for Embakasi east has always  appeared in the public eye for all the wrong reasons and this time allowed it is not different. The outspoken and fierce defender and protector of Raila Odinga Alias BABA has appeared again in the public eye for threatening a journalist/report Muraya Kariuki for apparently publishing negative news about Raila Odinga.

In fierce tweets seen by Muraya is indicating that he received a phone call from a person who identified themselves as hon. Babu Owino and went ahead to threaten him. in his reply to Muraya, Owino declared that he was the one that called him and threatened him. below is an allay of screen shoots as seen by our media team

images showing threatening tweets issued by babu wino towards journalist muraya. the fierce Mp  declared that it was him who issued the threats.
Threatening tweets issued by Babu owino to Muraya

Babu Owino has appeared in the public eye before when he was involved with the shooting of a famous DJ in a Nairobi club. He has also been charged before for using  abusive language against the President and the former First Lady mama Ngina Kenyatta.

It is not certain whether the renowned first time member of Parliament for embakasi east will stop with this kind of behaviour, but one thing we can be certain about is that his support and defence of BABA  knows no bounds.


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