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Azimio Turn Down Parliamentary Talks , Declare Protests To Resume After Ramadan

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Azimio La Umoja Coalition party announced that they will not participate in any parliamentary process regarding the bipartisan talks, they claim Kenya Kwanza has shown a lack of transparency.

Addressing the media on Tuesday, Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka said that they now want out of the parliamentary talks since Kenya Kwanza has shown no intention to hold honest dialogues.

This decision was agreed upon after they met and got wind of a motion Kenya Kwanza has drafted which says “allegedly aimed at setting up a joint select committee in Parliament.”

He went on to say that they were not consulted in its drafting and that it was made in ‘absolute bad faith.”

“The motion claims to name members of the Minority Party to the so called select committee without any reference to the Minority leadership in violation of the standing orders of both houses,” he said.

“It purports to set the terms of reference and scope of the discussions without any reference to us…Our members of parliament in both houses shall not party to any other process and particularly not the one proposed in the motion by Kenya Kwanza.”

“We remain committed to an extra-parliamentary dialogue that is transparent, honest, meaningful and bipartisan in conception and execution.”

Protests To Resume

The Wiper party leader also said that the coalition’s leadership has resolved to engage in an extra-parliamentary process, noting that what they bring to the table cannot be dictated by the Kenya Kwanza Party.

He went on to say that Azimo shall remain firm on its demands, adding that they shall not allow the talks to digress from addressing the issues at hand.

“Our issues remain what we said before and they are reduction in the cost of Unga, fuel, electricity and school fees, opening and audit of IEBC servers, bipartisan reform and constitution of IEBC, reinstatement of the 4IEBC commissioners and end to the buying of MPs which threatens multiparty democracy,” said Kalaonzo.

Kalonzo has said that Kenya Kwanza has shown bad faith from the beginning of setting up the bipartisan talks, and will be resuming their weekly protests once the Ramadhan period ends.

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