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Azimio Party Leader Raila Shed Lights On Planned Monday Protests

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

The planned Countrywide Monday protests that are being held by Azimio La Umoja Party to fight for Kenyans Living Condition, The party leader has clarified that they will not march to state house.

He has revealed that, only a few deputies from the opposition party will be sent to State House, contrary to reports spreading online.

Speaking on Saturday, the party leader said that the coalition would not unlawfully march to the house on the hill, but would send its representatives to communicate their issues to the President.


He said that , through former Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya , the coalition had already informed the Inspector General about the peaceful demonstrations.

“We are people who respect and know the law…Our leader Wycliffe Oparanya wrote to the Inspector General of police informing him that we would hold a rally. Those who will be able come to Nairobi and those unable will hold their meetings wherever they will be, “he said.

“It will be a peaceful protest and they have the memorandum which they will take to different government offices. Here in Nairobi, we also have the memos which we are going to take to the president. If he will be in Harambee House, we will take the memos there, if he will be in State House, we will send people to take it there, not the crowd. We will send a message trough a few people to take our petition to the president, not the whole crowd.”

Raila did not reveal who would be sent, he said that the party commissioners would make the decision soon.

Heading To State House

He also eased fear of trespass for his supporters , saying that state house is a protected zone Constitutionally, but the residence is a public office that every Kenyan should be allowed to visit.

However he said if denied entry, the selected team would leave their message to the Head of State at the State House entrance.

Why did Raila not reach out to the president personally?, Raila accused the head of state and his deputy of ‘pride’ and looking down on the opposition leaders

He claimed that since the government did not address their issues within the 14 days ultimatum, they had initially given, the protests would go on even after Monday until the issues are addressed.

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