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Avocado farmers woes Extend as Government imposes Export Ban

Post by : Ann Njambuya

A woman in kakuzi plc Avocado processing plant.

The government of Kenya through the horticulture crops Directorate of Kenya has imposed a self ban on avocado exports. The ban is expected to to take effect in four days. The main purpose of this ban according to the directorate is to stop any immature avocados from hitting the global market.

In the event that avocados from Kenya are considered immature this may affect the Quality and image of the Kenyan Avocado. According to the fresh produce Consortium CEO Okisegere Ojepat, the consortium welcomes the self imposed ban.

A country like Kenya can impose a self ban on exports especially in fresh produce if the regulators in a certain field feel that the produce being exported is not of the right standards. A self ban is important because the country can lift it at its own will.

In a statement to the press Ojepat indicated that Kenya is the number one exporter of avocados in Africa and number three(3) in the world. the country competes with Peru and Mexico in this field.

In reference to the Ban the horticulture crops Directorate indicated that farmers are harvesting immature crops as they seek to capitalise on the huge prices on the Global Market.


Self Ban on Avocado

In order to protect the Kenyan export market the Government has imposed such ban internally for various fruits. this helps in avoiding ban from the international market and international countries. this external bans are hard to lift and when they do they take a very long time.

A woman in kakuzi plc Avocado processing plant.

According to data obtained by team indicate that even with being the leader in Africa.The country only export a little over 10% percent of the Avocado fruit.

After the onset of devolution Counties and their Governors embarked on development agendas. The governor for Murang’a formed cooperatives and organised farmers in groups in order to plant the Avocado seedlings. 10 years down the line the farmers are enjoying the fruits of their labour. The county was the leading producer and exporter of the produce in  the country.

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