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Are police involved behind River Yala Killings?

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

River Yala, bodies turn up leaving many questioning  how they got their. Some bodies found are of people from hundreds of kilometers away. One wonders why anybody would kill anyone and dump bodies at such a specific river.

Many fingers have been pointed at the police and perhaps there are many reasons as to why fingers are pointed at them. But why choose such a river, is it because its far? and the bodies will be difficult to locate?.

Increased killings of civilians has shone a spotlight on police as government alleges their involvement in the killings and disappearing’s of more than 112 people.

Investigations done

As of yesterday, the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) reveled that the police were linked to the disappearances of people found in River Yala.

The IPOA  says their investigations into the killings, abductions and enforced disappearances by the police has so far positively identified 19 bodies, while 88 people are still missing.

Ann Makori the IPOA chairperson, said a total of 25 bodies were recovered from river Yala on different dates.

“Having attended all the post-mortem examinations , the general emerging trend as the cause of death was determined as head injuries abdominal and chest injuries sustained or cause of death point to same or similar perpetrator” Makori stated.

The bodies retrieved from river Yala, had the same patterns of injuries as the ones identified . Analysis of the details of the bodies in river Yala show that majority of the bodies were reported missing from July last year to this date.

IPOA has also revealed that, they have arrived in the same conclusion as 13 bodies were recovered from river tana in September last year , linking the police to their disappearance and murder. The bodies had  similar injuries as the ones found in rive Yala . Most of them had heavy stones tied to them

Furthermore, the body said it was investigating police operation in which, 11 lives were lost including those of police officers in Namariat village in Turkana East to establish how the operation was conducted.

In addition to that, IPOA has raised strong investigations by the National Police Service Internal Affair unit on the disbanded SSU citing possibilities of interferences.

They also added saying its effort to investigate the killings by the cops is grounded by refusal of the officers to co-operate with it.

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Government Act

To curb the non-cooperation problem, the IPOA chairperson said the body will now consider holding the individual officers blocking the probes as well as the commanders responsible and have actions taken against them by the law.

The board has complained in the past, that the  police have been refusing to their probe and in some cases they have faced threats from the police and some commanders denied them entry.

President Ruto has promised in the recent past, to institute independent probe in the menace of police perpetrating extrajudicial killings.

Questions lie to the police about them refusing investigations, is it true that they are involved in the killings? and if so, Why do they kill the people? what have they done and to what rights do they have in order for them to kill them?.

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