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Are Children Not Safe Anymore

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Rape is the most under reported crime in Kenya. Out of 1 to 20 women in Kenya will report a rape but only 1 to 6 will seek medical assistance.

Since march, when the Covid pandemic broke out in Kenya, over 5000 rape cases have been recorded many of them involving girls under the age of 18.

In the recent months ,many defilement cases shot up many involving young children with older men.

On Sunday 23, October 2022, in Nyamira county, it was reported that a 9- year old girl was raped by a 40 year old man, a cobbler who known in the village. The incident happened  on Saturday evening, the young girl was sent by her mother to take her shoe to the cobbler ,but when the girl returned she was bleeding. The man is alleged to have defiled the girl then asked her to leave and to take her shoe with her.

The medics who received the girl at the hospital said that the girl received a second degree tear and she had to undergo surgery.

In addition to that, in Bomet county, a 10- year old died after been defiled several times by her uncle for four years. The minor had kidney complications attributed to rape and was admitted to Kenyatta hospital where she met her untimely death.

Photo//Protect our children. Photo Courtesy.
Reasons not to report

Even though many cases are brought up and reported, many of the accused get to run free after what they have done.  The parents seek out justice but none is given to them. The accused are given lenient sentences by the court though the parents are hurting.

Sometimes, defiled women do not see the need to go to the police as some some lack confidence in the police, some fear the negative and negligent attitudes from the police towards them. Insecurity, trauma, fear of stigma and also insufficient money of treatment prevents most of the victims from seeking medical attention in the immediate aftermath of the attacks.

Also, some children might not report to there parents since some are afraid of there parents and some parents fear what the society will say about them.

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Government Act

The Kenyan government states, any incident act with a child is guilty of the offence and is liable upon conviction to imprisonment for a term of not less than15 years. But is it enough justice to the parents who both them and their children have been traumatized and emotionally hurt . How do they cope when the offender is let free after been given a short sentence and walking free.

Parents should be ok talking to their children as some find it difficult to talk to them been afraid of been punished.  They should ensure that their children are safe to talk them and should feel safe at home.

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