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Angry Neighbors Evict Woman Accused Of Using Witchcraft

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Witchcraft is a myth often believed by many, and if one is accused of  such  practices they face dire consequences.

In Yatta , Machakos county a mother of eight has been evicted from her family home at Kisewani Village.

The, enraged neighbors accused her of being responsible for the regions failed rains.

According to reports , the neighbors stormed at the 48-year-old’s house accusing her of being a witch . Teared down the roof of her house and removed all of her belongings.

Besides that, the neighbors accused the woman claiming that she possessed male reproductive organ. Which she allegedly brandishes in the morning to keep the rain away.

Additionally, the neighbors did something out of horror films, they are said to have slaughtered a goat and forced the woman to consume its entrails and blood as part of a cleansing ritual.

Several photos obtained , show household items removed from the woman’s house, scattered by the roadside, as a group of armed police officers stood guard possibly to restore order in the village.

Machakos deputy county commissioner Lilian Njagi, said the woman will be relocated to a nearby police station because she has a class 8 pupil sitting for the examinations.

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