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Andrew Kibe on the spot again; accused of raping a man

Post by : Leah Achieng

Content creator Andrew Kibe has been badly exposed by US-based Kenyan promoter Sue Gacambi  for using and assualting a man who hosted  him in the US.

Content creator Andrew Kibe has been badly exposed by US-based Kenyan promoter Sue Gacambi  for using and assualting a man who hosted  him in the US.
Talking to Sue Gacambi on Youtube them an claims that he is the one who invitred Kibe to the Unoited State on the onset of Covid 19. He says he had known Kibe since his High school days and was only trying to help him after he was fired from Radio.

“I have known him since High School. Kuna hizo camp tulikua tunaenda uku Uthiru,”he said.So on inviting Kibe to the States the unidentified man says Kibe started hitting on his girlfriend and eventually caused their breakup after they made out. What is more astonishing is the man’s revelation that Andrew Kibe Sodomized him after stealing his girlfriend.

Well it is not clear whether the story is true or just a clout-chasing gimmick seeing Andrew Kibe and Sue Gacambi have crossed paths in the past and not in a good way. It could be a way of Sue getting back at Andrew Kibe for their past conflicts or it could be true, only time will tell.

His beef with Sue Gacambi is one among many he has with many other celebrities. Not too long ago he got into a heated online beef with blogger Edgar Obare and it did not go well. exposed explicit photos allegedly showing kibe in an alleged inappropriate relationship with a minor.

Edgar shared some explicit photos on his BNN Telegram as a response to their online feud. The blogger had been on the warpath when it comes to Andrew Kibe, The Tea master called out the popular social commentator asking him to defend himself against accusations that he allegedly had an inappropriate relationship with a minor.

The Rumour and Allegations

Andrew Kibe responded exactly how many people thought he would as he used his popular YouTube channel to go after Edgar. Kibe shared a video that discredits Edgar Obare as it shows him sharing a false story and then coming to apologize later on for his mistake.

This revived allegations that had been made against Andrew Kibe in the past by KRG the Don where he alleged that Kibe has a case of having relations with a minor and he is going to be arrested once he returns to the country.
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In his quest to build strong men Kibe has seen himself rub a number of celebrities the wrong way. The former Kiss presenter has fallen out even with celebrities who used to be his friends among them Kamene Goro whom they used to co-host with at Kiss FM.
Recently Kibe has been attacking the man who is holding his previous job at Kiss Oga Obinna accusing him of being too feminine in his behavior. He also had a heated exchange with Guardian Angel after he went after his wife Esther Musila. Kibe was accusing Musila of taking advantage of Guardian Angel adding that the two are bowed to fall out.

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