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Andrew Kibe attacks Sauti Sol’s Chimano over missing Gay activist Chiloba funeral

Post by : Leah Achieng

Among them were Sauti Sol member Willis Chimano, Marini Naturals CEO Michelle Ntalami and her lesbian ex Makena Njeri.alleged boyfriend/

The fall out from Edwin Chiloba’s funeral and lack of representation from his supposed “community” is continuing.The LGBTQ,  Willis Chimano, community and their supporters who were quite vocal upon Edwin Chiloba’s death are facing a backlash after they were a no-show at his burial ceremony at his father’s village home.

Socialite Pritty Vishy was the first to note the complete absence of any member of the community when she herself seemingly attended. And later, social commentator Andrew Kibe unleashed on specific individuals on his podcast.

Among them were Sauti Sol member Willis Chimano, Marini Naturals CEO Michelle Ntalami and her lesbian ex Makena Njeri. Kibe didn’t hold back in his scathing take in which he called the LGBTQ community “a fake community that has only one agenda- to destroy.”

Kibe’s Story

Kibe’s viral video has been seen by over 100,000 people on YouTube in just 24 hours, but one man who is giving it a wide berth is Chimano. The Sauti Sol star has avoided any mentions of the Edwin Chiloba case ever since the main suspect- who happened to be Chiloba’s lover- was arrested. Chimano who is openly gay and an advocate for recognition of homosexual rights, had commented, “I hate this place!” on the morning of Chimano’s body being found.

Today, he has so far posted severally on his Instagram story, but once again, he has avoided all conversation to do with Chiloba’s case or even his funeral which he apparently skipped. Instead he has posted multiple funny clips; one about dating in 2023, another one about rich friends, and another one about music taste.

The LGBTQ question has been tossed to the forefront of national conversation following the murder of gay fashionista Edwin Chimano. Edwin was found dead and stashed in a metallic box. Edwin was gay and a cross-dresser, so his death raised concern within gay circles. Many high profile gay activists and celebrities who are sympathetic to LGBTQ causes- including Chimano- spoke out against perceived gay hatred.

But it later emerged that the murder may have more to do with a love affair rather than a hate crime as Edwin’s alleged boyfriend/best friend was arrested as the main suspect in the case.

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