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Alfred Mutua “Problems Migrant workers face in Saudi Arabia start in Kenya”

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Dr. Alfred Mutua , new CS of foreign and Diaspora affairs has found fault on the mistreatment of Kenyan migrant workers in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf state, start in recruitment agencies in Kenya.

Mutua’s opinions come after he held a talk with Senior Saudi government officials including his ministry of Foreign counterpart Faisal Bin Farhan Al-Saud in Riyadh on Wednesday and Thursday.

Alfred Mutua flew to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia on November 2 in bid to address the aggravation of abused workers in the Gulf state.

After his trip , the CS expressed his thoughts through his official twitter on Thursday November 1.

Issues Arised

In a series of tweets ,Mutua says the main issues affecting the export labor to Saudi Arabia are ;corruption, existence of cartels and illegal travel agents in the sector.

“Listening to the victims , agents, Kenyan government and Saudi government it is clear that the problems our people face, start back home in Kenya . The system is flawed and corrupt, unless its fixed ,nothing will change ,” Mutua’s statement read in part.

“There is massive corruption in the way Kenyans are prepared before they leave to be domestic workers in Saudi Arabia and follow up of Kenyans when they arrive. This is a major concern to all of us, including the government of Saudi Arabia . We have to break the cartels and streamline the agencies , some of which are owned by prominent Kenyans.”

Photo// New CS addresses the issues that lead to migrant workers suffering in Saudi Arabia. Photo Courtesy.

In addition to that, the CS has promised to work in collaboration with Saudi Arabian government to ensure the well being of Kenyans working in Arab nation.

“We have agreed to work on a modality to get Kenyan labor agencies to have offices in Saudi Arabia to deal with issues concerning their clients . We will in collaboration with Saudi government, flush out illegal agencies and also blacklist agencies that do not perform as per the law,” he said

“I have  also agreed to ensure compliance by agents and others when it comes to provision of healthcare to Kenyans , including those who are in the country illegally,” he added.

Government Act

He also said that his ministry will , in the coming days , release a new set of instructions and procedures that all hopeful migrant workers will have to adhere to and meet before they can be cleared to travel to the Gulf state.

“Kenya immigration officers will also not allow Kenyans to travel out of the country as domestic workers without fulfilling requirements starting on Monday , 7, November 2022,” he said.

“We have set up a joint Technical team of Kenya and Saudi government officials to fast track labor issues including the issue of exit visas. They start their work two weeks from today on November 17,2022.”

He also reveled that both Kenya and Saudi Arabia have okayed the formation of a hotline that Kenyan workers can call to air their grievances and report any form of abuse.

“The emergency hotline number at the Kenyan embassy in Riyady is+966500755060 on receiving a call. We will prompt action , including but not limited to engaging the Saudi government for assistance. The idea, is to ensure every Kenyan works and lives a fulfilling life ,” he said.

Mutua has requested for a pardon to be granted to Kenyans who have fallen out of status, residing in Saudi Arabia illegally as well as increased quotas to allow to train Kenyans in all fields to get jobs in Saudi Arabia.

“The kingdom of Saudi Arabia wishes to get more Kenyans employed in their country and we will play our part as government to ensure that more Kenyans can work and earn well working in Saudi Arabia.”

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