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Post by : Robert Kamau

Alfred Mutua who is the current governor for Machakos has claimed that Raila Odinga will support his presidential ambitions in the 2022 general elections.

Mutua made the comments while on a talk show in a famous media station in the morning where Mutua was questioned about his presence at Raila  Odinga’s political campaign rallies. 


The governor on his part maintained that he had not endorsed Raila Odinga for the presidential seat but was there to support the #azimiolaumoja rallying call that is being fronted and supported by the Former premier.

He is quoted to have said that the former premier might endorse and support his presidential bid in the upcoming general elections.

The governor who has been very vocal about people supporting a development oriented person seems to have renegade on this saying that no one can win the presidency alone. we need to be in coalitions and i have checked and chosen the azimio la umoja call.


With such revelations it seems the governor is no longer serious on vying for the top seat but wants to be appointed after the next government is formed.

The outspoken governor has been on the news lately after his long-term lover, whom they parted ways, accused him of abuse of power and gender based violence.

whether this claims by Alfred Mutua’s partner are true or not they seem to have put a dent on the governor’s reputation and political career with many political activists and commentators indicate that this can be the reason for the shift.

Alfred Mutua has claimed that raila odinga will support his presidential bid in the next general elections. he is the governor for machakos county which has been ranked as the best performing county.
Governor Alfred Mutua in a past press conference

Machakos has been rated as one of the best performing counties thanks to the leadership of their governor.  in his own statement the governor had earlier indicated that Machakos is no long among the counties listed as drought stricken by the National government.

The county had been in this list for  quite some time but the turn around development by the governor has seen people enjoy the fruits of their labour.

It is evident that if Kenyans decide to look at the developmental records of Governor and politicians in general then Alfred Mutua stands a chance to be the next president of Kenya. However that move to state house is not an easy one according to the latest poll results.

Whether Raila Odinga will endorse Alfred Mutua is yet to be seen but it seems as if the ODM party Leader is keen on going for the top seat.

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