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Alert on harmful beauty products

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Kenyans have been warned against the purchase of harmful beauty products that have made their way into the country.

The warning issued by the Kenyan Bureau of Standards (KEBS) says that, the dangerous products are bought from the neighbouring countries and are sold here . The Bureau revealed that, some of the makeups have been banned which includes bleaching products, which despite have found their way  into the market. Regardless of them containing  harmful substances that harm the users skin and some causes skin cancer.

Mr. Bernard Njiraini, Kebs director said that the harmful products are been sold “we have seen the products that we have banned but many people prefer them, they prefer bleaching products that contain mercury and such.  Some of the products are not coming to the country legally ,they come through unsecured borders carried by people who visit neighbouring countries” he said.

The director also said, they are keen on construction equipment being imported noting that some do not meet the set standards. In addition to that, they are paying close attention to the maize flour to ensure millers don’t supply substandard  products. He also noted that, they are adopting a strategy to support informal businesses in the Jua kali sector  in order for them to compete in the regional market.

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