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Activist takes KU land dispute to court

Post by : Sue Njihia

Activist  Enock Aura argues that the Kenyatta University land was set aside for educational purposes and not as idol as it was perceived.

“The purported land user of the World Health Organisation Medical Emergency Hub will be incompatible with the grant user of the suit land designated for Kenyatta University,” Enock said in a statement.

Prof.Paul K Wainaina resigns as the KU Vice Chancellor

The land dispute led to the sacking of The KU vice chancellor Paul wainana who was against the government decision of donating the school land to WHO.The president responded to the VC by stating that the land belonged to the government and the people of Kenya ,he was only a custodian.

The World Health Organisation(WHO) has denied being involved in the land dispute between Kenyatta  University and President Uhuru Kenyatta.



The African Director of WHO ,Matsidisho Moeti states that she is aware that the land is owned  by the goverment and the people of kenya .She welcomes the idea of it donating the 200acre land to WHO for  the construction of a logistic hub.

The Hub will benefit Kenyans as it will act as an emergency drug storage unit and house WHO regional offices.According to the presisdent the Hub will help kenya gain international recognition.

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