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A traffic police officer in trouble after accumulating wealth worth over 29 million

Post by : Sue Njihia

A Lamu based traffic police officer , chief inspector Gabriel Mbiti Mulei is required to explain the source of his Mammon which does not match his monthly income.

Gabriel has four bank accounts’ worth of Sh10.5 million, seven plots of land worth Sh19.4 million, five cars, and one motorcycle,while he  is paid a salary of ksh 20,000 per month.

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission has accused Mbiti for accumulating his wealth through bribes as he was serving as the traffic base commander since february 2008.

After a search was conducted in his house documents indicationg that he had opened accounts with Barclays ,Equity ,coperative and standard  Chartered banks.

In his defence the police inspector claims that he had other side hustles to compliment his income .He added that he had not only served in different posts at the Coast but was also a member of the police Sacco.

Following the High court’s approval of the anti-graft agency’s collection of the properties, a wealthy traffic police officer who was unable to explain how he came into his enormous wealth would lose everything to the government.

“I am satisfied, on the evidence placed before me by EACC, that Mulei has unexplained assets,” Justice Mwangi said




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