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Minor Arrested Over Robbery Cases In Nairobi

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

For the past several months, residents of Nairobi have been in fear for been terrorized by robbers who are stealing and stabbing them.

On November 8, the DCI nabbed a wanted criminal gang leader. On Wednesday the DCI arrested a 15- year old boy suspected to be behind a string of armed robberies in the city.

Detectives say the underage , whom it was established was from Kibera’s Lindi area, was hiding in a thicket approximately 200m from the park’s electric perimeter fence , where he was flushed out before running into the conservation area.

In addition to that, DCI report that rangers from the KWS’S joined the chase and cornered the suspect after a long -running battle across the park. He was then handed over to the duty officer.

“The juvenile was arrested after a 6-kilometre chase along the southern by-pass and inside the Nairobi national park , after he decided to take the risk and jump into the park to evade arrest,” DCI stated.

“Rangers from the wildlife service who had watched the chase from their surveillance vehicles came to our aid ,” DCI stated.

Furthermore, detectives say had positively identified the boy as suspect behind an armed robbery where a man lost a phone and other valuables.

In the meantime , the minor is currently in custody been processed for arraignment.

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