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A lorry driver narrates his ordeal on the Mombasa-Nairobi Highway accident

Post by : Sue Njihia

A driver of a lorry , identified as Willy Musyoka, has come forth to share his unforgettable experience on the Mombasa –Nairobi Highway accident which claimed the lives of 20 people among them children.

Musyoka was on his way to Kampala to deliver to a container from Mombasa. Along the way he saw an oncoming passenger matatu heading onto his direction. He moved aside to let the matatu pass but instead it drove towards him and hitting him head on. According to Willy, the driver of the matatu must have been asleep.

According to the police the matatu was also overloaded with passengers, that is why the number of those who succumbed was high.

A report released by the police showed that the matatu driver caused the accident while overtaking at the continuous yellow line, which is quite prohibited by traffic laws. A continuous yellow line simply means that a driver is not allowed to overtake. The lone is mostly found at corners, crossing zones, bridge, black spots, sharp hills and near junctions among other places.

“NPS will continue to enforce the Traffic Acct in a bid to ensure compliance with the requirements of the law. We further urge the public to take part in the ongoing NTSA Usalama Barabarani Programme that aims to provide, ’Outlined the police statement.

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