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A kindergarten Teacher And Other 4Men Arrested For Defiling a 16-Year-Old Boy

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Uganda police are investigating a suspected sexual assault, where four men allegedly defiled a 16-year-old-boy.

Kampala Police deputy spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyrie, the kindergarten teacher, Derrick Pakcho, lured the minor to a house in Nabweru South after promising him a well-paying job on February 23,2023.

Pakcho, is then said to have committed the heinous act at the premises alongside three other men who are said to have gone missing.

‘The victim, a casual laborer, was lured by the suspect who promised him a lucrative job. The victim and suspect boarded a taxi from Najjeera to Nabweru sub-county I cell, and entered a well fenced house,” Owoyesigyire told Daily Monitor.

On February 24, the victim is said to have visited Sulait Nsamb, the defense secretary of Busibante village, at his home and  reported the incident.


“The victim came to my home late at night and he started telling me what he went through,” said Mr. Msamba.

Nsamba took the minor to Najjeera police station where the case was reported and an investigation was launched.

What happened to be a coincidence, the teacher Pakcho, went house hunting about a week later were he crossed paths with Nsamba.

He immediately reported the matter and the teacher was arrested.

The minor is said to have been warned not to report the ordeal. He said, during the interrogation that he had started exerting bloody stool but his plea to undergo medication was refused by Pakcho.

The other accomplices of Pakcho are yet to be arrested as they are in hiding.


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