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A doctor and a nurse caught pants down inside a ward

Post by : Ann Njambuya

There was drama and commotion in the outskirts of Thika Town in Kiambu county after a doctor and a nurse were having a steamy session inside a ward. The two are suspected to be love birds for rumour have it the said doctor have been the nurse’s lecturer in one of the medical colleges in Thika.

Patients have been complaining of the twos conduct where they have been portraying their affections publicly. The situation got worse when the male doctor got charged and couldn’t control himself  any-longer after having sensual juicy kissing moment during their day duty.

According to an eye witness who is a patient in the said ward, the two have been caring less and hence torment the patients who couldn’t hold any-longer but inform the hospital management. During the escapades on of the doctor’s friends is thought to have informed his “goat wife” who works as a CEO in one of the Sacco in thika town. Upon receiving the devastating news that someone have been fetching water from her legal “TAP”, the doctors wife stormed the hospital and the drama escalated.

The hospital management vowed to suspend the said doctor and rectify the whole issue.

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