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9-Year-Old-Pupil Nursing Injuries After Benig Caned 107 Times

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

In Nyamira County, a grade four student from Riang’ombe Primary School is nursing injuries after been severely caned by his teacher on Sunday.

The student, a young boy aged 9, is said to have been caned on the buttocks 107 times by his teacher, identified as Jackson Marucha, after reporting that his school uniform had been stolen from a clothesline.

The teacher, Mr. Jackson, attempted to hide the heinous act by keeping the boy locked away in a dorm and denying him medical attention after realizing how severely he had injured the boy.

The young boy was seriously injured that a chunk of flesh was missing from his buttocks following the incident, and he couldn’t even sit down afterwards.

Crime Discovered

The heinous crime came to light after the boy’s classmates informed the minors uncle , who had gone to visit him in school.

The boy’s uncle was reportedly denied entry to the school, prior to the revelation by the minors classmates.


The boy who is currently recovering at Nyamira Referral Hospital, told the medics that Marucha mercilessly descended on him despite his pleas for mercy.


DCI detectives, police officers from a nearby police station and Ministry of Education officials have picked up the school’s head teacher Isabella Kumenda and four of her subordinates for questioning.

The head teacher claimed to have been away from the school when the incident occurred but a query on why she took so long to report the matter.

The five teachers are currently being detained at Manga Police Station while Mr. Jackson Marucha is yet to be arrested.

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