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68 year old man serves a 45 year sentence for sodomizing, Kidnapping a minor

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

A 68 year old man, will serve a 45 year sentence for defiling, sodomizing ,kidnapping and defiling an 11-year old minor.

Mombasa court magistrate Vincent Adet, sentenced Granton Mwamati after he found him guilty of committing the offence against a minor for three months.

“Prosecution has proved its case beyond any reasonable doubt against the suspect, the heinous acts were committed by a man who the minor perceived was her grandfather and would protect her however, the court established that he took advantage of the minor’s trust to lure her into his house and hold her hostage for three months to meet his sexual desires,” he ruled.

The court noted that all the prosecution witnesses ,who testified before the court have evidence that linked the suspect to the heinous act

“It’s unfortunate that according to the witnesses , you were one of the active members in the search on the whereabouts of the minor, all along while the search went on within your vicinity you knew the minor was in your house where you held her captive and each of those days you would leave her sedated and in evening after the search for her you would go back to you would go back to your house and defile her,” the magistrate said

The particulars of the case were that, on different dates between August 13,2019, and November 2019 in Migadini area , Changamwe sub-county, within Mombasa county , defiled the minor.

On the same dates, he is said to have sedated the minor with an unknown sleeping pill sodomized her and held her captive for 3 months.












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