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Prof.Paul K Wainaina resigns as the KU Vice Chancellor

Post by : Sue Njihia

Paul K Wainaina resigns as Kenyatta university vice chancellor .This comes after  WHO was given a go ahead to build at a 200 acre land ,which the higher learning institution says was set aside for  development projects. The government has been accused  by the school for issuing the land to WHO to build  a logistics hub without the university’s consent.

According to Paul Wainaina the land was set aside to build a business school, hostels and a recreation centre.We want to reduce the number of students staying off-campus who are exposed to crime and even death and provide accommodation for them. The taking of our land for other purposes is not in the interest of our students or the university,” Paul said


During the commissioning of the land, president Uhuru Kenyatta warned against the president gave a stun warning to those he termed as  opposing the project.

“Some people don’t just seem to get it. It is not your property. It is public property. You are just a caretaker. And when you recognise that, and also recognise a whole government approach. Then you also recognise that Kenya has never operated in isolation. Kenya is a respected member of the global community. On top of that, Kenya throughout her history is recognised as a very strong supporter of our multi-lateral institution,” President Uhuru  Kenyatta said.

The  World Health Organisation(WHO)  regional operations centre and logistics hub will bolster resilience and health security in Kenya, in the region and across the continent. From the Hub we will be able to coordinate emergency response for the eastern Africa region and organise the delivery of life-saving medical supplies to where they are needed the most in the whole continent.



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