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27 Bodies of Ethiopian migrants Found By Zambian Police

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

On Sunday Zambian police revealed that the bodies of 27 suspected Ethiopian migrants were found in an area north of the capital Lusaka, believed to have died of” hunger and exhausation’.

The victims are ”all males aged between 20 and 38,” the police said in a statement, adding they were all believed to be Ethiopian residents.

Police spokesman, Danny Mwale, said in a statement that a total of 28 bodies were found abandoned along chiminuka road in Ngwerere area of Lusaka.

Photo// Zambia police find 28 bodies dumped on the roadside. Photo Courtesy.

Only one of the men survived, Mwale said.

“Out  of the 28 persons , one was found gasping for life,” the poliCe statement read, adding that the 27 bodies had been transferred to Lusaka morgue.

The only survivor was taken to a hospitsl for treatment.

Ethiopians are taking drastic measures to escape their country, which has been in the grip of civil war for the past two years.

Migrants from Eastern Africa use Zambia as a transit route to South Africa, the continents second biggest economy.

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