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15 Year Sentence For Woman Who Chopped Husbands Genitals

Post by : Hillary Musyoki

Anger tends to mislead and make someone act in a diffrent way.

On November 23, 2022, a mother of five has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for chopping off husbands genitals.

She was sentenced to prison by Maua’s magistrate court after she was found guilty of attempted murder on her husband.

The offence was committed on November 19, 2021.

Chief magistrate, Tito Gesora said the prosecution had proven its case beyond doubt the woman intended to kill the husband.

The court were the lady was been held, were left aghast when they heard how the woman attacked the husband.

She wanted to kill him because he refused to subdivide his miraa farm.

At the court, the man retells how shocked he was when he saw his wife lifting a panga over him at 3am , striking his head and limb.

As he winced in pain , she grabbed a kitchen knife and cut off a part of his testicles.

The 60-year old tried to call for help but slipped into unconsciousness.

His wife then attempted to force an undentified chemical down is throat, the court was told.

The childs couple was woken up by the commotion, started screaming but the mother hit her and ordered her to shut up

However, the child ran out and called for help attracking villagers who rushed to the home, only to find the woman brandishing the panga and shutting the door


One brave neighour stormed into the house and disarmed the woman, rescuing the the man.

The woman tried to escape, but the villagers caught her and wanted to kill her but she was rescued by the village chied , who took her to laare police station.

Police constable James Kanampiu, officer incharge of the investigation gave an acccount of the inhumane scene of the crime.

He said the scene was covered in blood and he found the severed body part, as well as the bloodied machete and knife used in the attack.

Additionally, the couple’s child told the court how she called for help, leading to her fathers rescue.

The victim also told the court that his wife had attacked him before over the land issue, but he had refused to give into her demands because the children were still in school.

He also said he did not think the disagreemnt would escalate to a violent attack.

In the woman’s defense , she said the attack was unintencious and she blamed it all on her mental illness she suffers from.

Additionaly, she told the court that she was not aware of what she had done only finding herself in police custody. Been told she had attacked her husband.

Seeking to prove her innocence,the mother insisted her medical reports be brought before the court but it was reported she had burnt them.

Mr gesora sent for a fresh  psychiatric asssement which indicated that she had been on treatment for schizophrenia since March 2021 and she had recovered.

Courts Decision

The magistrate noted that, though the report said she needed long term follow up, she was fit to stand before the court.

Futhermore, the magistrate said the court considered there was a possibility that she may have been sick at the time.

It was also investigated whether if she was sick, the sickness was of  such a nature as to affect her understanding of what she was doing whe she attacked her husband.

The magistrate noted that from testimonies heard from the neighbours and husband, there were instances of sickness, but she never attacked anyone else.

” The actions  done by the accused are not spontenous as would be expected in a situation where one falls into an episode over which they have no control. I am covinced that there was malice aforethought and that she chose a time to do it.”

“She may have been sick before, but i am convinced now beyond doubt , that it was not to be such an extent as to make her lose all conscience , and she cannot therefore, benefit from the exclusion under the Penal code. I find the accused guilty as charged and accordily convict her,” said Mr Gesora.

Before sentencing, state council, Cathrine Kathurima called for stringment sentence , saying cases of gender based violence against men were on the rise.

Mr Gesora sentenced the woman to a prison term of 15 years but explained to her she had a right to appeal within 14 days.

The husband , praised the judgement saying he was happy justice had been served.

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